Canaras ’22 Summer Internship

Anthony Clementi |


This summer, four interns completed our 10-week internship program. At the beginning of the summer, our staff took turns teaching them various topics related to leveraged finance and CLOs. Throughout the summer, the interns got to apply their knowledge by helping the firm with daily reports, credit analysis summaries, trade settlement, and financial modeling. Additionally, they wrote and presented reports on certain industries that summarized and analyzed recent industry trends.

The interns gained valuable experience and knowledge after working directly with our highly experienced team members. We also hosted multiple social outings that gave the interns a chance to get to the know the staff better.

Thanks to Brad, Larry, Luca, and Scott for all their hard work this summer, and we wish them the best of luck back at school.

Canaras ’22 Summer Internship | Canaras Capital Management